Vocoa Dairy-Free Vegan Hot Cocoa Mix

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Multi-serving package of dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, plant-based hot cocoa mix. No need to worry about having your favorite dairy substitute on hand - all you need is hot water to enjoy! Vocoa utilizes certified vegan sugar.

We use a certified gluten-free oat powder that dissolves and mixes smoothly with hot water. Our cocoa powder has a lower fat content and our sugar to cocoa ratio is much lower than what you'll generally find commercially available at the super market, giving it more of a dark chocolate taste.

Please note that dimensions listed below are for shipping calculations only. Actual pouch is 9" x 5.75" x 2.5" (at the bottom when standing). Mix as little or as much as you like to taste! Depending on how rich you like your cocoa, you can generally expect 12 to 16 servings from one package.

Ingredients: Unsweetened cocoa powder (processed with alkali), whole oat milk powder (water, oats, coconut oil, enzymes), sugar.

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4 Reviews

Hannah Mar 22nd 2021

Perfect afternoon pick-me-up or evening treat

Vocoa makes a deliciously rich cup of hot cocoa. The mix is not too sweet and makes for a delightful treat. Other hot cocoa mixes I've tried do not taste great when mixed with water, but Vocoa does! Although you could use a non-dairy milk instead of water, you don't need to. Would definitely recommend!

Christopher Mar 18th 2021


I just had some Vocoa on a rainy day. What a treat. It tastes great, and tastes better than non-vegan hot cocoa options (I say that as someone who is not a vegan). Do yourself a favor and try some!

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