Why sell VOCOA products?

VOCOA products are:

  • Gluten-free

  • Dairy-free

  • Egg-free

  • Soy-free

  • Nut-free

  • Vegan

  • Made in small batches in Manchester, NH

  • Made from simple ingredients

  • Free from artificial coloring, artificial flavors, gums and preservatives

  • Easy to prepare (less than 5 minutes of prep and only two additional ingredients to add to any VOCOA brownie or baking mix!)

We carefully source our ingredients from reputable manufacturers and distributors. We use our own dedicated facility and equipment free from the nine major food allergens.

Interested in selling VOCOA products at your grocery stores, specialty store, coffee shop, bakery or hotel? Please contact us for more information. 

We offer products for resale or commercial use. We do not offer white label or private label products.